Successful Power BI implementation: system supervision

Publié le 30 January 2024
par Audrée Pellerin M.Sc.
Implantation Power BI - La supervision du système

System monitoring, for an up-to-date and secure Power BI environment


As part of the
10 steps to a successful Power BI implementation
series, we take a look at the most important success factors for an enterprise Power BI implementation. Indeed, Microsoft recently published a
series of articles
on the adoption of Power BI in the enterprise. The aim of these publications is to help and support companies in implementing Power BI, so as to maximize the success of the approach.

Power BI implementation - The community of practice


In this 10th (and final) article in the series, we emphasize the importance of system supervision for your success.


What is system supervision?

System supervision covers the ongoing management, monitoring and maintenance of your Power BI environment. It encompasses the day-to-day administrative tasks involved in ensuring that everything runs according to plan, from processes and tools to user management.


Why is supervision crucial?


🛡️ Stability

Regular monitoring detects and corrects problems before they become critical, ensuring a smooth user experience.


🛡️ Performance

Optimum performance can be maintained by monitoring resources and making adjustments according to usage and requirements.


🛡️ Safety

In a world where data security is paramount, supervision ensures that security protocols are respected and kept up to date.



With effective supervision, organizations can adapt quickly to changes, whether they be Power BI updates, integrations with other tools or new data requirements.


Main supervisory activities

  1. Resource monitoring: keep an eye on system utilization, especially in relation to storage limits on Power BI service.
  2. Update management: Make sure Power BI is always up to date with the latest versions.
  3. Audit and compliance: Review logs and reports to ensure compliance with internal policies and regulations. These logs and reports are available in the Power BI Service administration portal.
  4. User management: Add, modify or delete users and manage their roles and permissions.
  5. Performance optimization: Identify and solve bottlenecks or other problems that could affect speed and responsiveness.

System monitoring is the final touch that ensures your investment in Power BI is not just an initial implementation, but a long-lasting, robust solution. Active monitoring and management ensure that your Power BI environment remains healthy, secure and up-to-date.


Conclusion of our series of articles

You now have a wealth of useful information to help you manage your Power BI implementation. Remember that each of these steps can be adapted to the size and reality of your business.

Power BI is an incredibly powerful tool for transforming raw data into actionable information. How an organization adopts, implements and integrates Power BI into its daily processes will play a major role in the success of this adventure! Successful implementation involves more than just a technical installation; it encompasses cultural transformation, training, adaptation and a constant commitment to excellence.

Finally, throughout this series, we’ve stressed the importance of the human element in the equation. Whether through mentoring, training or support, the emphasis has always been on empowering individuals to make the most of Power BI. All because, at the end of the day, tools are only as good as the way we use them. Good implementation!


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