Excel and Power BI Academy

Take your Excel and Power BI online courses when you want, at your own pace, no expiration date.
 Access your documents (theory, examples, exercises) and videos at any time.
Ask your questions on our forums, and obtain a certificate of completion.

To choose the right course, here are our pretest and prerequisites.

Excel and Power BI courses by Le CFO masqué

How to choose the right Excel and Power BI courses for you or your employees

To find out which training course(s) to register for, we recommend you first consult our training courses and consult the detailed detailed course outlines for each of our training courses. At the same time, we also allow you to take a few online pre-tests to better validate the skill level required for a training course. These pre-tests are for your information only. You are free to enroll in the courses of your choice, in the order of your choice.

Lifetime access

Take courses at your own pace, whenever you like. Listen to the videos as many times as you like. Access updated material over time. Listen to the videos again when the time comes to apply the concepts you’ve learned.

Online support

Receive in-depth, personalized answers from your trainer during your training. Post your questions on our forum and your trainer will get back to you promptly. You’ll receive an in-depth, personalized response.

Quality documentation

A video for each concept taught, examples, exercises and a document with screenshots and step-by-step instructions for reproducing the examples! All content created is certified by SOFEDUC.

Easy group management

Our credit program are ideal for training people other than yourself. The most advantageous block is the 4000 credit block, which gives you 10 seats at $150 each. Once you’ve purchased a block of credits, you can open groups and allocate seats to your employees, as well as tracking their progress.


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