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The online reference in business intelligence with Excel and Power BI
 for analysts and controllers.

The CFO Masqué Mission

Develop analysts’ and controllers’ technical skills in business intelligence with Excel and Power BI, and help them reach their full potential, by stimulating their autonomy, curiosity, logical reasoning, critical thinking and creativity.

The CFO Masqué Service Offer

The CFO masqué mainly offers online, private and public trainings in Business Intelligence with Excel and Power BI. The training courses are sold individually, the CFO masqué customers can save with parcours d’apprentissage our credits program. The CFO Masqué training contents provides a superior quality, endorsed by the SOFEDUC.

The CFO Masqué is a SOFEDUC member

The CFO Masqué also offers downloadable Excel tools (financial models, analysis tools and management tools). Also, subscribers to our blog can become VIP members to download Excel and Power BI tutorial files and watch our webinar recordings.

Finally, The CFO Masqué offers various free services like our online forum and webinars. In addition, companies that need support, whether in Excel or Power BI, can simply forward their needs to The CFO Masqué, who will match them with a competent consultant who will be able to provide support.

Note: The CFO Masqué offers an affiliate program, to any organization that would like to earn revenue by sharing our contents in their network.

About Us

Kim et Audrée, propriétaires du CFO masqué

In 2022, having brought Le CFO Masqué to maturity, Sophie Marchand has bequeathed it to two brilliant professionals, Audrée Pellerin and Kim Leblanc. Experts in business intelligence, they have been working with Le CFO Masqué for several years as trainers and consultants.

Audrée Pellerin, M.Sc., CPA

Audrée Pellerin is a passionate professional, holding a master’s and bachelor’s degree in Corporate Finance from the University of Sherbrooke. With several years of experience in the field of consulting services, she has worked with SMEs,

multinational corporations, and public sector organizations. Audrée stands out with her dual expertise as a business intelligence consultant and experienced trainer.

She possesses a natural talent for explaining complex concepts in a clear and accessible manner and is recognized for her ability to impart knowledge with patience and professionalism. She develops customized training programs tailored to the needs of her clients and guides participants through interactive and engaging sessions. Her pedagogical approach promotes active learning and the practical application of acquired knowledge.

Kim Leblanc, BAA

Kim Leblanc is a dynamic and versatile professional. She holds a BAA in Information and Systems Management from the Université de Sherbrooke, giving her an excellent understanding of information systems and their impact on business decisions. With over 20 years’ experience in business intelligence, she has in-depth knowledge of the strategies and tools needed to fully exploit data to gain valuable insights.

Today, Kim plays two key roles in her career. On the one hand, she acts as a consultant specializing in report design, offering advisory services to companies to help them create customized, relevant reports.

On the other hand, Kim is an experienced trainer and owner of the masked CFO. Passionate and always on the lookout for new technologies, she shares her discoveries and knowledge with people wishing to improve their use of business intelligence tools. Thanks to her engaging and practical teaching approach, she guides participants through theory- and practice-based training courses, helping them to develop their skills and optimize their performance in the field of business intelligence.

Dominique Vanasse, alliée virtuelle du CFO masqué

Dominique Vanasse

Dominique has been the virtual ally of the CFO Masqué since June 2020. She has been working on optimizing website content and taking care of our learners, whether they are individuals or team managers.

Attentive, responsive, and smiling, she knows the CFO Masqué’s universe inside out and will guide you in choosing your courses and answering your various questions. In addition to taking care of our clients, she manages our newsletters, blog articles, creates our visuals, organizes website content, and many other value-added tasks.

With Dominique’s help, Kim and Audrée can focus on their expertise, business intelligence training with Excel and Power BI!

About The Founder

Sophie Marchand, M.Sc., CPA, CGA

Sophie Marchand, M.Sc.

Instigator of the masked CFO, Sophie Marchand, M.Sc., holds a B.A. in Business Administration and an M.Sc. in Corporate Finance from the Université de Sherbrooke. She has been a member of the Ordre des CPA du Québec for nearly 20 years, and held the title of MVP Office Apps and Services (Excel) and MVP Data Platform (Power BI) between 2014 and 2023. The MVP title is an honorary title awarded by Microsoft and stands for “Most Valuable Professional”.

In 2015, she also created the Montreal Modern Excel and Power BI user group, which she managed and led until 2022. She also has nearly twenty years’ experience in the business world, as an expert in financial modeling and business intelligence using Excel and Power BI.

In 2022, having brought her masked CFO to maturity, Mrs. Marchand has bequeathed it to two brilliant professionals whom she knows to be perfectly equipped to take it to new, even more promising horizons. She now devotes herself entirely to her passions, which include writing novels, music and river surfing.

About The Trainers

The CFO Masqué trainers also act as consultants, each in their respective fields of expertise. You can therefore follow The CFO Masqué training courses and then be accompanied, if necessary, by one of our consultant trainers.

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About Our Partners

The CFO Masqué would like to thank its partner, the Ordre des CPA du Québec, in the marketing of its training program and invites you to consult their continuing education program.

The CFO Masqué would like to thank its partner, Génium, in the marketing of its training program and invites you to consult their programme de formation continue.

The CFO Masqué is a proud partner of Faction A, a team of experts specialized in analytics and invites you to visit their website.

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