Pre-tests and prerequisites by course

To find out which training course(s) to register for, we recommend you first consult our training courses and consult the detailed detailed course outlines for each of our training courses. At the same time, we also allow you to take a few online pre-tests to better validate the skill level required for a training course. These pre-tests are for your information only. You are free to enroll in the courses of your choice, in the order of your choice.


Here is a list of prerequisites for each training course and the associated pre-tests.

To find out whether you have the required level to take a course, we strongly suggest (but do not require) that you meet the prerequisites and take a pre-test before registering.

Below, you’ll find diagrams illustrating the suggested path for developing your skills in a structured way, in either Excel or Power BI. We wish you continued success in your development, and look forward to hearing from you if needed.

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It is strongly recommended (but not compulsory) to have taken the training course(s) indicated.
If you obtain a result of less than 70%, it would be preferable to take the training indicated in the prerequisites.
Excel – Intermediate level Good knowledge of Excel Not applicable
Excel – Financial modeling (Level 1) Excel – Intermediate Level Pre-testing
Excel – Dashboarding (level 1) Excel – Intermediate Level Pre-testing
Power BI (level 1) Have a basic knowledge of data analysis and understand how databases and queries work. Not applicable
Power BI (level 2) Power BI (level 1) Pre-testing
Power BI (level 3) Power BI (level 2) Pre-testing
Introduction to DAX language (Power BI and Power Pivot) Power BI (level 3) Pre-testing
Power BI for end users Have to consult content via the Power BI portal and/or mobile application. Not applicable



CFO-Masque_Formations-en-ligne_FBLa mission du CFO masqué est de développer les compétences techniques des analystes et des contrôleurs de gestion en informatique décisionnelle avec Excel et Power BI et favoriser l’atteinte de leur plein potentiel, en stimulant leur autonomie, leur curiosité, leur raisonnement logique, leur esprit critique et leur créativité.
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