From zero to hero with Power BI

Le CFO masqué's Microsoft Power BI training courses will allow you to become an expert with Power BI reports and dashboards. You will learn the best practices and master the DAX language so that you can build beautiful, meaningful and impactful visuals.

Microsoft Power BI Online Training Courses

Le CFO masqué offers the best in class Microsoft Power BI online training courses for financial analysts and controllers. Those training courses are there to bring you from zero to hero. You will even be offered a coaching to get prepared to pass the DA-100 Power BI Microsoft certification exam.


Data Analysis with Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is a Microsoft solution that was launched in 2015 and it is now the leader in the market. If you have been analyzing data with Excel for a while, you will fall in love with Power BI, as it will bring you to the next level. You will discover amazing capabilities to explore and visualize your data. You will be able to merge and shape your data in order to be able to drill down, drill across and drill through. You will also have a large choice of amazing modern visuals.

To a whole new level with Power BI

Power BI lets you use functionalities and visuals based on artificial intelligence. That is awesome! You will also be able to collaborate with your teammates in a way you never did before. Your reports will be automatically updated on a regular basis and your data will be secured. Everyone who connects to a report will only see what they are allowed to see. You will also be able to get your reports on your phone or tablet or embed it in a custom app. And what about the alerts? You’ll be able to get a notification when your data is showing problematic data. Your less technology savy colleagues will be able to ask question with words and get answers with visuals. How about that?

Your Power BI instructors

Your Power BI class instructors are very well qualified and have strong experience in the field. You will then develop strong business skills learning from them, on top of Excel skills.


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