Be more proficient and save a lot of time with our Microsoft Excel training courses

Le CFO masqué's Microsoft Excel training courses will allow you to learn all our best tips and tricks in order for you to get to an all new level of knowledge in Excel. You will save a tremendous amount of time, avoid miscalculations and make your colleagues envious and your boss happy !

Microsoft Excel Online Training Courses

Le CFO masqué offers the best in class Microsoft Excel online training courses for financial analysts and controllers. From intermediate to advanced Excel functions and functionalities, a whole new world of possibilities will open up in front of you. We will share with you all of our best Excel tips and tricks.

Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel

MS Excel is the most used software throughout the universe when it comes down to data analysis, dashboarding and financial modeling. Our online Excel classes will help you to gain confidence in you and in Excel, so you can build creative and useful analysis, dashboards and financial models. From useful Excel functions like VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH and SUMIFS to wonderful Excel functionalities like charts and pivot tables, you will discover a wide range of powerful tools.

To a whole new level with Excel

Within a few hours of Excel training with Le CFO masqué, you will fly to an all new level. You’ll get better professional opportunities and even will be in good position to ask for a better salary. Your new Excel skills will be noticed by your boss and your colleagues, who might even get a little jealous ;).

Your Excel instructors

Your high level Excel class instructors are very well qualified and have strong experience in the field. You will then develop strong business skills learning from them, on top of Excel skills.

We also have Power BI training courses in English

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